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Founded in 1935, in Zahle, Lebanon by Elias Ayoub Sayegh, Sayegh Jeweller has gained a reputation for its fabulous hand-made jewelry designs. For more than 75 years, Sayegh Jeweller has kept up with the progress of the latest world jewelry fashions. The word “Sayegh“ in Arabic is synonymous with the English word "Jeweller".

Sayegh Jeweller's staff have attended and participated in many famous jewelry fairs worldwide including Vicenza Oro, Tari, and other Italian fairs. Moreover, Sayegh Jeweller offers its clients the latest Italian designs in collaboration with its famous brands such as Zancan, Sidra, Sinico, Bersani, and others. Also, Sayegh Jeweller is the agent of Favre Leuba and Christian Dior watches in the Bekaa province.

In addition, Sayegh Jeweller specializes in the making of its unique diamond jewelry, which is especially designed for our select customers. To enhance our offerings, Sayegh Jeweller has earned the Diploma of Certified Diamond Grader. This certificate was awarded to Elias Tony Sayegh (the grandson of our founder Elias A. Sayegh) by the Hoge Raad Voor Diamant Diamond (HRD) School, where he successfully completed the Extended Diamond Grading and Identification program and passed all required examinations. On August 24, 2002, Elias Tony Sayegh was awarded the Certificate of Diamond Grader from the President of HRD Institute of Gemology.